What We Do

The services we provide

Location Scouting

We comb the streets, villages, towns through out Uganda and across Africa including Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Rwanda, DR Congo, Burundi, Malawi, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti to find interesting and unique locations for feature films, commercials and TV & documentary production.
We can assist with this vital pre-production step and because we are based here, it’s easy for us to scout locations at different times of the day, night or season.


We are able to arrange all documentation, personnel and accommodation, customs and clearance for equipment and transportation that your project requires. We utilize our own travel background experience to ensure you get the best rates and services in Africa. We work with local travel operators and have access to accommodation contract rates, allowing us to keep on schedule and on budget.

Equipped Camera Crew

Whether it’s HD two man crew or a fully equipped production team of film and TV members, we understand that the requirements are never the same from one shoot to the next. That’s why we base our services on your individual film/video crew needs, rather than a set of camera crew package or production crew/camera equipment minimums. We can locate, negotiate and source what you need.

Film & TV

We provide a fully service solution for any film and TV requirement from story-boarding, scriptwriting, filming and editing through to delivery of the final film in any format. We make documantaries about subjects that interest us and help you produce the most creative and impactful video for your budget large or small.
We approach each project with passion, enthusiasm and dedication.


Uganda is unique for production of international commercials and stills with a diverse mix of locations.

Talking film provides a formidable research crew and database with proven experience & track record across East and Central Africa to commercial companies from around the world.

Digital and stills

Talking film Digital is an approach – not a department.

For multi-media projects, it’s meant integrating the world of moving and still images across all media applications from TV to tablet; working with multiple camera platforms; thinking big and small at the same time; working within each media type’s budget & negotiating highly competitive multi-media talent contracts